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Van de online accessoire shop Leif word je vrolijk! Glitter taartschep om in 2013 bij iedere gelegenheid te gebruiken? Daar wordt je zelfgebakken taart nog feestelijker en lekkerder van! De glitter taartschep is niet het enige moois wat Leif verkoopt. Exclusieve bekers, schaaltje en ook houten keukenaccessoires staan in de webshop. Ze verzenden ook naar Nederland!


taartschep van leif


Een beetje over Leif:

LEIF was founded in early 2011 by Stacy Anne Longenecker and is based out of Brooklyn, New York. 

I’ve come to notice that the smallest thing can inspire and enrich your daily life, whether it be a crisp new set of thank you notes, a beautiful mug for coffee or tea, stocking your bathroom with scented soap in a pretty glass bottle, or a colorful vase on display in a most frequented room.

And there you have LEIF – set out to present the most special, beautiful things that add a unique touch to day-to-day living.

The LEIF lifestyle: growing indoor citrus trees, matte pastels, a collection of vintage glass bottles that span the colors of the rainbow, old botanical and anatomical prints, Meyer lemon butter on freshly baked scones, various breeds of succulents scattered throughout the home, a garden full of vegetables, freshly cut flowers on a reclaimed wood kitchen table, idolizing Jean Seberg, slip-on sneakers and striped t-shirts on a Saturday.

Bezoek ook het inspirerende LEIF blog: www.leifblog.com.

keukenswebsite leif shop

keukenswebsite leif shop

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